Tooth whitening in Bilbao: before and after

Dental facial aesthetics is the most conservative method for improving the appearance of teeth, improving the smile and brightening the look.

It is a professional dental treatment that is completely harmless if carried out under medical supervision.

Against tooth discoloration, professional tooth whitening is the solution you need

Colour alterations can be caused by multiple reasons: caries, developmental alterations, discoloration due to ageing, deposits of substances on the teeth surface (tobacco, tea, coffee, wine, etc.), old fillings, traumas and certain medication (tetracycline).

For this reason, before dental whitening treatment, it is advisable to have clean tooth surfaces, show correct hygiene, healthy gums and absence of caries, as well as taking into account relative and absolute contraindications.

At the Eva Berroeta cosmetic dentistry, we have two methods of whitening:

  • Outpatient whitening:

Specifically, it consists of the application of a whitening gel in a transparent splint, intimately adapted to the teeth, in order to oxidise the pigments accumulated on the surface of the enamel, without damaging the dental structure.

As a result of this oxidation, oxygen is eliminated in the form of water, sometimes resulting in some sensitivity after removing the splint. This sensitivity is temporary as the teeth are quickly re-hydrated by saliva.

Natural tooth whitening for the treatment of dental imperfections

Tooth mousse whitening is carried out by applying a small dose (one drop) of whitening gel into the transparent splint and placing it in the mouth as if it were a mouth protector.

The gel is active for 3 hours; however, it is advisable to use it during the whole night to achieve a more homogeneous result.

Once this process has been carried out, remove the splint, rinse it with water and brush your teeth with lukewarm water to minimise sensitivity.

In case of sensitivity, you can stop using the whitener for one night and/or put some fluoride gel inside the whitener. Whereas, in the case of gum irritation, it would be appropriate to stop the whitening treatment for a few days and apply a gel with hyaluronic acid on the irritated area until it returns to normal, being aware that gum irritation is likely during the treatment.

Once the treatment has been carried out, the change in colour will be visible from the first few days of application and the same procedure must continue until the patient is satisfied.

In addition, at the Eva Berroeta Dental Clinic we recommend having an extra syringe of whitening gel to carry out small “touch-ups”, whenever the patient considers it appropriate, with the intention of eliminating any future stains that may appear.

Cold light tooth whitening in Bilbao, a clinical solution with greater intensity

In cases of more intense colouring or when the patient needs a more immediate result, at the Eva Berroeta Dental Clinic we have two in-clinic whitening systems.

In both systems, whitening is activated with plasma arc halogen light, cold light (Quickwhite) or Blue Led (Philips Zoom Whitespeed), always carried out in the dental clinic in Bilbao, as the concentration of the whitening agent is greater than that used in the outpatient whitening technique and can, therefore, produce greater sensitivity.

The technique consists of, firstly, protecting the gums and then, applying the whitening agent, which is activated by the application of a plasma arc halogen light (cold light) for 8 minutes. Generally, 3 changes of material are carried out until the desired colour is achieved.

At the Eva Berroeta Dental Clinic, we would like to point out that, in some cases, some people suffer a slight increase in sensitivity to temperature, which shows up in the form of dental hypersensitivity. This hypersensitivity is reversible and disappears once the treatment has been canceled.

Furthermore, once cold light dental whitening has been carried out, it is advisable to use the splints with gel at home for a few days in order to achieve greater colour stability.

Internal whitening for endodontic teeth: recover the natural colour

Internal whitening consists of lightening a previously endodonticated tooth that for various reasons has lost its original colour and has darkened.

It’s a simple and conservative technique, with unbeatable results in terms of aesthetical dental, as the external anatomy of the tooth is preserved intact.

Furthermore, it requires few visits and the lightening is permanent, although small recurrences may occur over time.

The method consists of the combination of a chemical agent (administered in the clinic on a weekly basis) and an energy source, in this case a plasma arch halogen light, to accelerate the chemical process.

The chemicals used are able to filter through the tooth enamel, so the internal tissue undergoes an oxidation process, which results in a lightening that will depend on each patient, their teeth and their care.

Dental cosmetic dentistry in Bilbao: treatments adapted to your smile

The duration of the aesthetic dental treatment is approximately one hour, with three short breaks to renew the whitening product that we deposit on the teeth.

Possible contraindications:

  • Anterior teeth with infiltrated fillings (relative).
  • Teeth with caries (absolute)
  • Mouth with very inflamed gums (absolute)
  • Anterior teeth with fixed prosthesis (relative)
  • Young teeth (relative)
  • During pregnancy (absolute)
  • Hypersensitive teeth (relative)
  • Teeth with deep fissures (absolute)

Are you looking for cosmetic aesthetic dentistry? At the Eva Berroeta Dental Clinic, we study your case and propose the best solution.