Eva Berroeta Dental Clinic: solution to complex dental cases

Eva Berroeta and her team of professionals are specialized in providing solutions to problems associated with different dental aspects that are directly related to dental aesthetics in periodontal patients, to malposition of the teeth, tooth wear, affecting the aesthetics of the gums, dental implantology, dental absence, bruxism, etc. As well as solving highly complex cases.

Specifically, these are complex dental treatments in which various dental specialities are involved, from maxillofacial surgeons or periodontists (specialists in gums and implants), to orthodontists (specialists in fitting brackets), as well as specialists in endodontics or restorers/prosthodontists (specialists in prosthetics and aesthetics), and which, given their difficulty, have been -in many cases- rejected by other professionals in the sector as they are not able to find a possible solution.

Different dental specialists for a single solution

In dentistry, there are different anomalies and pathologies that affect the smile as a whole, and a single person may have different oral health problems, for example abrasion tooth wear.

Given this fact, at the Eva Berroeta Dental Clinic we provide a solution to these problems, always through a thorough study of the case in order to obtain all the necessary information to carry out the intervention efficiently and painlessly.

To do this, and once the patient comes to the clinic with the problem, Eva Berroeta brings together her team or specialists involved, to study the case and its anomalies, until the ideal solution is found and the patient’s mouth is restored to a healthy appearance and a better smile.

A multidisciplinary team of dentists in Bilbao at the service of the patient

At the Berroeta Dental Clinic we work from a multidisciplinary vision to improve the quality of patients’ life, either because these dental problems prevent them from leading a normal life, or because they want to recover their best smile; we do this by finding solutions to what other dentists have not seen or by proposing alternatives to tooth wear treatment that are the most conservative for the patient.

To do this, we carry out an initial examination, which is then complementary with a study of the case using the latest technology, and ending with a personalized assignment of the treatment and the type of intervention to be carried out. Eva Berroeta is in charge of coordinating the treatment.

We show you an example of our work so that you can see the complete process and the final result, as well as to get to know all the specialists involved in such a complex intervention.