A professional staff of recognized prestige, experience, as well as training in the latest scientific knowledge, allow us to offer you the assistance, technology and the most modern, effective and appropriate methods for your needs. An individualized study of the case, which includes, study models, diagnostic wax, photographs and digital X-rays and an exhaustive intraoral examination to be able to visualize the final result of the treatment before starting it.
In addition to performing quality dentistry, we promote health and carry out prevention programmes.

Eva Berroeta

Degree in Dentistry

Amaia Rodríguez

Degree in Dentistry

Cristóbal Calleja

Degree in Economics

Elaia Bereziartua

Oral Hygienist

Piedad Martínez García

Assistant Nurse and Dental Clinic Technician

Inés Irígoras

Graduate in Secretarial Work

Andeko Martín Molina

Clinic Assistant